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How does it work?

Like every lotto game, this one is round-based with a sparse set of tickets. Unlike traditional lotto games where you have to wait until a specific date for the winnings to be redistributed, with this dApp the winnings are distributed every time all tickets in a round are bought.

The round starts with the production of a certain number of tickets. Users then buy tickets to participate in the BNB lottery. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance you could win the lot.

When a user buys a ticket, a certain amount of BNB is transferred to the bonus round, which occurs every couple of rounds. The user who wins the bonus round wins additional funds from the previous rounds.

When all tickets of one round are sold, one ticket is randomly selected as the winner and all funds from the round are transferred to this user.

  • Each Lotto Round has a specific number of tickets
  • When all tickets in the round are sold, a winner is randomly selected from all participants

Go to the Ticket Sale Page, select a ticket and buy it.

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What is provably fair on-chain gambling?

Simply put, provably fair means that any bet outcome can be independently verified and that the operator or other players have no means of tampering with the result.

Is BNB Lotto provably fair?

Yes. The whole gameplay is controlled by Binance Smart Chain that computes random numbers based on operator inputs and blockchain data (block hashes). Any party can audit the contract as well as inspect any transaction to make sure that neither BNB Lotto nor malicious players are influencing the results.

What is BNB Lotto?

BNB Lotto is a lottery built on top of the Binance Smartchain. Because of its decentralized nature, BNB Lotto is completely controlled by the blockchain, so payments and ticket-buying are secured.

How can I use BNB Lotto?

The easiest way to use Etherball is to download the Metamask wallet here. Setup your Metamask wallet to work with the Binance Smart Chain. Send your Metamask wallet some BNB using an exchange of sorts, and choosing a ticket to buy at the top of the page.

My transaction isn't going through. Why?

Try raising your gas limit for the transaction. Don't worry if it seems high; most of the times, the gas limit isn't even reached. Also, it's possible that someone else just bought the ticket that you clicked on and the website or blockchain didn't update yet. Try choosing a different ticket.

Why so few tickets?

Fewer tickets equals to faster games, which means less time waiting to see if you've won! The game resets automatically too, so you can play more games quicker.

What's your share?

Nothing! All of the BNB raised by tickets goes to the winners.

How does one round of BNB Lotto look like?

Multiple individuals buy tickets by executing the buy transaction. When all tickets have been sold, one winner is selected at random and all of the pot is transwered to her/him.